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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bozo the Clown Dead....

Bozo the Clown is dead; Long Live Bozos!
Larry Harmon, who purchased the rights to Bozo from Capitol Records, is dead at 83. Harmon's franchise spawned a worldwide spewing of Bozos only recently diminished by the decline in such TV franchises. Despite Harmon's attempt to corner the Bozo market the name has entered the lexicon and "bozo" has come to mean " a man who is a stupid incompetent fool" or "an informal term for a youth or man; 'a nice guy'".

(MP3 "Down With the Clown" attached below)

The image

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Larry said...

Bozo really became a part of our culture.-I never cared for clowns much but it's too bad that Mr. Harmon has passed away.-Funny song you added.-You have blogger now-tha't great! It's so much easier to comment now.