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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Practical Scots Adapt to Inevitable....

Here are two recent headlines from The Scotsman (U.K.):

Big freeze takes hold as snow smothers Scotland
January 3, 2008:

"SNOW hit parts of Scotland today as forecasters predicted the first significant fall of the winter.
The Met Office issued a severe weather warning covering almost the entire country, with heavy snow predicted for much of Scotland."
2)Bad weather - we have to get used to it
January 10,2008:
METEOROLOGISTS last night said Scots will need to learn to live with the extreme weather and the chaos it has brought to the country over the past few days, as the unpredictable effects of climate change begin to bite.....As the wind whipped around Holyrood, politicians were told to expect major climate changes as a result of global warming.
(emphasis added)
The video below provides a good overview of the media driven hype on "global warming" and the one sided, so far, view of the science involved. As Glenn Beck says in the concluding moments of the video: "The debate is not over..in fact, it's just beginning".

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