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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wild Rice, Arrowroot, and Swallows (8/23/07)


It was a picture perfect, autumn-like day on the Connecticut River yesterday with just enough headwind to test the paddlers' arms as the flotilla of canoes and kayaks gathered for the Floating Meadows Tour sponsored by The Jonah Center for Earth and Art. I paddled in the media canoe with Peter Marteka of the Courant whose column. The Path Less Traveled appears in the paper on Fridays. In the photo below Peter interviews Jonah Center executive director John Hall.


John Hall explained early on that because of the wind some folks might find the going difficult but only one crew had a problem, capsizing near the launch area. Once in the Mattabesset things were much calmer. John Hall explains:
It was, at first, a strenuous paddle into a stiff 17 mph breeze as 25 paddlers departed from Harbor Park and headed upriver, but the wind abated from that point on and we were well-rewarded for our effort. The Floating Meadows are in their glory at this time of year, with wild rice high and bright green, arrow root in purple bloom, swallows darting overhead, and the river water clearer at this time of year than at any other.

IM000074.jpg picture by johnbrush

Last boats in at sunset ending a beautiful day!

Lots more photos here.

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Larry said...

Nice to see your Middletown based blog!I've added it to my blog list.

My mom saves Peter Martekas articles for me.-Does peter have a blog, or are the archives of his articles on the web? I've read about a few of the hiking spots he has talked about, but lost the articles.-Now I don't know where the spots he's written about are.